Welcome to JL Technical Blog

JL Technical has been migrating ACT! data since 1998. During these years, we’ve moved thousands of ACT! databases.  We’ve seen all versions of ACT! through its many owners –Contact Software DOS ACT!, Symantec ACT! for Windows, ACT! by Sage 2005-2013 SQL versions, finally ACT! v16-v18 from Swiftpage.

We’ve worked with databases that been customized with hundreds of user defined fields ‘and others that have been a simple out-of-the-box Rolodex. We’ve seen databases that been big and complex with 400,000 contacts and GBs of Notes and History records to the very simple personal database with 200 contacts and a few notes.

To insure successful migrations, we’ve developed some helpful tips and tricks. The purpose of this Blog is to share these tips and tricks with you.